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"With cartooning and illustration there is no right way, there is no wrong way; 

there is only


Danny Kington

Join us as we learn a range of cartooning and illustration skills together. 

Each session covers topics such as planning, sketching and drawing classic cartoon characters, caricaturing the rich and famous and exploring the wonderful worlds of children's and teens' book illustration.

This is a great way to introduce your child to the fundamentals of drawing in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Our classes are delivered in small groups to ensure each child receives support their need to advance their skills.

Classes for grown-ups are delivered via zoom in a friendly and inclusive manner where everyone is encouraged to develop and grow their creativity. 







Wednesday14 February in Hassocks


Thursday15 February in Burgess Hill  




6 -16 YEAR OLDS 


"My son loves these classes and with the world being a bit upside down at the moment anything that can put a smile on his face is most precious

for me". 

"Thank you so much for organising the Zoom class on Saturday, my son really enjoyed it". 

"What a fantastic drawing class! We had such a great time as a family and learnt so much along the way. It has definitely uplifted the atmosphere in our house and the children haven't stopped drawing since. Thank you so much. We can't wait for the next online class!"   

"Kids have learnt lots of techniques and surprised themselves with what they can do."


"Danny's online tutorials are the only online lessons that both my boys could do at the same time. They are 4 years apart, and all the other online lessons are too age-orientated for both boys to stay focus for the whole lesson. I even enjoyed doing it with them a couple of times. And they both used what they learnt during the tutorials to improve their drawings afterwards."

"We have really enjoyed doing the online drawing classes as a family. The way you teach makes them accessible to all of us, despite different ability levels. I’m particularly impressed that you succeeded in getting my reluctant 13 yr old to take part and create something he was proud off!"

"Danny is very good at engaging and teaching drawing skills to our kids. They love sketching and this has helped them in a time when a little formal structure was needed. Would highly recommend."

"Having the opportunity to have a 1:1 after a particularly difficult class for my daughter was so invaluable to her learning and confidence. Danny has a clear passion for teaching and is so positive and full of encouragement, highlighting all the positive areas of participants work, while giving specific pointers for greater success. The online sessions were really interactive with everyone having the opportunity to show progress through the lesson and then within the private group after the lesson. My daughter has ASD & ADHD and has definitely benefitted and improved her drawing skills as a result of the workshops she’s taken part in - thank you so much!!"

"Our daughter has really enjoyed Danny’s online tutorials and it’s been great to have such a vast amount of subjects for her to choose from. It’s been wonderful for her confidence and it’s given her some important structure during lockdown.

"My son & his uncle did the Harry Potter session which was fab! It would be great for some mini sessions like this again."

"My daughter took part in a Manga class a little shy but loved it, thank you."

Danny is a brilliant & competent teacher and artist. The tutorials are well organised and enjoyable for my child."

"All of my children love the tutorials and have progressed so much with their daily art sessions."


"The tutorials are fun and varied, with no pressure to adhere strictly to the brief for children who are inspired to take their work in a different direction. Whenever possible, the grownups participate as well, and we’ve also benefited from taking time out from our days with a pencil in hand."

"The workshops are engaging and easy for my child to follow. The drawing subjects have been really relevant."

"My children have drawn a lot over the lockdown encouraged by these classes. And my daughter thinks more about her drawings as a result of these classes and experiments with expressions and poses."

"My son has really enjoyed doing the online classes, but he would much rather do face to face classes with you and is really hoping lockdown will end for this reason! Sometimes when he is doing an online class he actually draws something of his own devising while listening to you. I think he just misses you and your Saturday classes and likes to hear your voice even if he doesn’t particularly fancy drawing the exact thing you’re doing in the online class!"

"We were introduced by a family member during lock down and have continued to join them because the kids enjoyed it so much and love sharing their art with the wider family each week. Thank you."

"My son has found every session he has taken very informative and easy to follow. He has thoroughly enjoyed himself."

"Fantastic, the girls have done some workshops by themselves and others we have done as a family. We have learned so much and it's an hour to stop everything and escape into art. We recommended the class you our friend and it inspired them too. Thank you."

"Your classes have sparked a passion and have subsequently nurtured his new found love of drawing. Each session has calmed, centred and re-energized our son all in one go!"

"My son really enjoyed the sessions and is now missing them. They have been brilliant, a wonderful break from maths and English. If the weekday sessions continue in the holidays he would definitely be doing some. If not I hope he will do one on a Saturday morning. He particularly likes superheroes and cartoons. Nothing similar available elsewhere on the Internet."

"We tried a Saturday morning class as a family but it was me (mum) who really got hooked onto it. I look forward to them at the weekend."

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