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'The key to fulfillment 

is being able to express oneself 

and one of the keys to self-expression is art'

                                                 Danny Kington  

Art inspired by life 

Hi, I am Danny. Welcome to my website.

Drawing and cartooning has been part of my life since I could first read the Beano. School magazines and published cartoons followed. At work, I developed a successful in-house magazine and started to develop as a caricaturist.


Now professional, my commissions and exhibitions have reached across Europe. In the same way that I was inspired by illustrators and cartoonists, it is now time for me to pass on my skills and enrich the lives of others. 

Cartoon and caricature is a great way to relax and express oneself. It has,no doubt, shaped my personality and given me the tools I need to unleash my creativity. 

So here I am, juggling busy family and work responsibilities, yet still able to find space to do what I love doing and I am now offering classes in cartoon & caricature.


Degree Qualified, I have a PGCE from Cambridge University, am DBS cleared, a trained First Aider and fully insured. 


Art that speaks

a thousand words 

This is a very small selection of my work.   

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